Get Your Rest

A devotional by Reverend Dr. Kevin Schwamb

For many of us, summer is a time associated with family vacations, cookouts, and plans to relax. Ironically, a growing trend among workers today is the “workcation,” a combination of working and vacationing at the same time. An employee chooses to log in and complete work from a vacation destination. As appealing as this might sound to many, is it healthy?

When the Law of the LORD was delivered to Moses, there was an important distinction made between work and rest. Exodus 23:12 states, “Six days you shall do your work, but on the seventh day you shall rest…” The Hebrew mindset views humanity wholistically, believing the physical, emotional, and spiritual are intricately related. The word rest that appears in Exodus 23 indicates the absence of activity and the presence of security or comfort. The timeless principle set forth in this verse is that one day in seven should be distinctly different from the others. We need at least one day of the week to set aside the distractions of the world and be devoted to corporate worship, instruction, fellowship, prayer, and reflection upon the Scriptures. The best way to get your rest is, not by attempting to combine work and rest but, by following God’s design.

If you are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, this Sunday is an opportunity to experience rest for your soul through corporate worship. Let’s spend Sunday God’s way instead of our way!