More Than A Game

A devotional by Reverend Dr. Kevin Schwamb

It’s been described as mentally challenging by those who play it, yet most players do not break a sweat while competing.  It’s a favorite among investors like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet even though it is not recognized as an official sport by everyone.  But in England, that may all be about to change as a judge is scheduled to rule on whether the card game Bridge will be recognized as an official sport in the United Kingdom.  Enthusiasts of the game are hoping for a favorable verdict which, they claim, will give them the respect they deserve.

Although different athletic imagery is used in the New Testament (wrestling, boxing, running etc.), there is no ambiguity over the fact that discipleship is not a game.  In Luke chapter 14:25-33, Jesus gives three illustrations to show what true discipleship entails.  The first illustration calls for a complete reordering of our priorities and relationships. This is not a suggestion but a command as we are told that whoever refuses to do this “..cannot be my disciple.”  The second illustration is in the form of a parable which describes a builder who calculates the cost of a project before getting started.  The third illustration reinforces the principle in the first, emphasizing that we cannot be followers of Jesus Christ unless we are “all in.” 

Although, the verdict on the game of Bridge is still out, there is no doubt that true Christian discipleship is more than a game.  Being a follower of Christ is a life long journey which requires spiritual discipline and commitment.  Daily we should be asking ourselves, “Am I playing at being a Christian or am I passionate about following Jesus?”