Help Wanted

A devotional by Reverend Dr. Kevin Schwamb

Would you like to be the CEO for a large office supply company?  Office Depot Inc. and Staples are both looking for a new CEO who would be able to restore their falling revenues and reassure stockholders that everything is going to be fine.  There will be no shortage of applicants as the position comes with the potential of future recognition and financial rewards, if successful.  But, is this how leadership and success is best measured or is there another standard worth considering?


Following a mother’s unusual request for her two sons, Jesus gives the mother and his disciples a lesson on how to succeed as a leader.  Matthew 20:20-28 tells us that of mother of James and John asked Jesus if her two boys would be able to sit on the right hand and the left hand of Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus replied that “…whoever wants to become great among you must first be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave.”  Although no response is recorded by the mother or the Twelve, we can assume that the words spoken by Jesus were both humbling and convicting as it exposed the disciples’ heart attitude and revealed the selfish motive behind their request.


Just as the Son of Man came as a servant to carry out the will of the Father, it is the responsibility of every believer to serve others in the name of Christ.  Our greatness, or success, is to be measured by our faithfulness to God not by financial gain, possessions, power, or fame.  So this week, look for opportunities you can descend into greatness by serving others in the name of Jesus Christ.