Manhunt in Progress

A devotional by Reverend Dr. Kevin Schwamb

A prison in Brazil made international news following a riot that left sixty inmates dead and one hundred and eighty four on the run. Traversing through the rain forest and thick fog, the Brazilian authorities have been able to locate fifty-four of the escapees.  The people of Brazil have been reassured that every available police officer has been called in and, by the end of the week, each prisoner will be recaptured.


In the gospel of Luke, we read about a different kind of manhunt which is broader in scope and never fails to find those who are the object of the search.  A tax collector named Zacchaeus comes to acknowledge Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  A dinner party follows at Zacchaeus’ house and a comment is made, by the critics of Christ, that He is dining with known “sinners”.  Jesus responds by reminding everyone within ear shot that, “…the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost.”


The greatest manhunt ever conducted is still on-going.  God seeks after sinners to offer them forgiveness and new life through Jesus Christ.  The love of God, demonstrated by Christ’s death and resurrection in our place, is unique to Christianity.  We did not find God.  He found us and made us His own and, like Zacchaeus, this is a manhunt worth celebrating!