Feeling Overwhelmed?

A devotional by Reverend Dr. Kevin Schwamb

We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed when there is too much to do you in a short amount of time.  We begin to worry, then we panic, and finally the thought of just giving up crosses our mind.  It is often at the point of desperation that we pray, even though we don’t expect it will actually change anything.  But, what would happen if the next time we start to feel overwhelmed, we immediately stopped and talked to God about it?


The Old Testament book of Nehemiah tells the story of the rebuilding of wall around the ancient city of Jerusalem, following the Babylonian Exile.  This was not only a dangerous project, it was a daunting one.  Although there was much opposition to the work, the people of God completed the project in just fifty-two days under the leadership of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah’s secret was that he began and finished the work in a spirit of genuine prayer.  This is testified to in Nehemiah 8:10 when Nehemiah proclaims in the hearing of all Israel that, “…the joy of the LORD is your strength.”


Chances are good, if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed it’s because you have neglected to remember where your strength, peace, and security are found.  Difficult circumstances have a way of reminding us of our daily need to be walking with, and in the power of, Christ Jesus!