Are You Ready for the Test?

A devotional by Reverend Dr. Kevin Schwamb

How many people do you know who actually look forward to taking a test or preparing for an exam?  No matter what your age, the word “test” is often associated with feelings of anxiety, sleeplessness, and freezing up during exam time.  So, it’s interesting that the word “test or testing” appears over one hundred times in the NIV Bible.  In the Old Testament it can often be traced back to the practice of metallurgy, which entails heating up a metal to burn out its impurities, thereby making it stronger and more valuable.  This is reflected in Genesis 22:1 when it says that “…God tested Abraham” by commanding him to offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice.  Likewise, the book of James reminds us that the testing of our faith develops perseverance.  The word testing, in this verse, means to closely examine with the intent of demonstrating the genuineness of something.

Since Scripture tells us that testing produces godliness in the life of the believer, we need to view it in a positive way!  Rather than being fearful of tests and doing our best to avoid them, we should embrace them and patiently endure them for they are God’s instrument to refine and mold us into His image.  So, let the testing begin!
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