How Do You Spell Relief?

A devotional by Reverend Dr. Kevin Schwamb

Many college students experience anxiety, sleepless nights, and large amounts of caffeine during the months of May and June as they anticipate final exams.  According to one recent study, the four greatest sources of stress for college students during exams are environmental, physiological, social, and where their thoughts seem to focus.  All stress, however, is not bad because knowing we have an exam should also motivate us to study. The problem enters in when we move from being appropriately concerned to experiencing a sense of panic and paralyzing fear.

Since stress is a part of life what can we do to find relief?  The wisdom book of Proverbs offers these words of counsel in chapter twelve and verse twenty-five, “Anxiety in a man’s (or person’s) heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.”  If anxiety attacks the very core of our being and robs us of our joy, then what “good word” has the power to bring us peace and strength instead?  The answer is the Biblical promises of God!  When we saturate our mind and heart with them, we experience God’s comfort, peace, and assurance.

Consider that God has said:
  • As we bring our requests to Him in prayer, and with thanksgiving, we will experience the peace of God that passes all understanding
  • As we place our trust in Him, our Heavenly Father will meet all our needs
  • Our identity is found in Christ and not in our achievements or failures
So, whatever situation you are facing this week, confidently apply His promises and watch what God does in, and through, you!
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