Set Free

A devotional by Reverend Dr. Kevin Schwamb

This week the Fourth of July (also known as Independence Day) was marked with the usual small town parades, family barbecues, firework displays, and patriotism.  It seems that no one is too young or too old to get excited about the importance of freedom and liberty.  However, there is a big difference between celebrating the concept of freedom and understanding the value of what it means to be free.

One of the most quoted, and yet misunderstood, phrases is “…the truth will set you free.”  It is often used to justify one’s actions or as a mantra for being true to oneself.  Unfortunately, that is not what those words are referring to when you look at their original context.  In the gospel of John, Jesus was addressing those who falsely believed that they were pleasing to God because of their connection to Abraham.  He emphatically tells them that, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Jesus was stating that the Word of God and the revelation of Himself as the Savior of the world is the truth that sets us free.  A personal relationship with Jesus Christ gives us freedom from the power and guilt of sin and guarantees us eternal life.  So, the truth is found in knowing who Jesus is and experiencing His life changing grace as you strive to obey Him every day.

The next time you hear someone say, “…the truth shall set you free,” ask them if they know what it means?  But, make sure that you comprehend its true significance before you try explaining it to someone else.