Having Trouble Remembering?

A devotional by Reverend Dr. Kevin Schwamb

Have you ever forgotten your password or material you studied for an exam?  Remembering and recalling information is a skill many of us lack and wish we could change.  Harry Lorayne, a magician in New York City, is known for his incredible memory.  Before the show starts, he will introduce himself to a few hundred people and ask for their first name.  Then at the end of the night, Harry will correctly identify each by name in the audience.  Mr. Lorayne claims that the power to remember is something anyone can learn and he has written three books to prove it.

Although we can’t remember everything our senses take in, there is something that we must strive to know and remember — the Word of God.  In Psalm 119:11 we read,  “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  Two important words in this verse are hidden and heart. The verb hidden refers to storing up or treasuring something because of its inherent worth.  The noun heart emphasizes the depths or core of one’s being.  Therefore, getting the Scriptures into our heart and mind is a necessity if we love God and desire to steer clear of sin.

You can begin hiding God’s Word in your heart by taking just a few words or phrase from a verse and going over them in your mind throughout the day.  Try creating some word pictures to help you recall key words and phrase in a particular verse.  If you persevere it won’t be long before you can, not only remember the verse but, experience the benefits of hiding the word of God in your heart.