Ladies’ Study

September – May
2nd & 4th Sundays
4:30pm – 6:00pm


Discover Your Ancestry – Part 2!

God has a plan for mankind and a plan for each of us!  It began in the Book of Genesis and continues to play out in our world and lives today! 

Last year Abraham showed us what real faith and trust in God is all about.  This year, as we continue to look at the Patriarchs of our faith, we will examine the lives of three men who will show us what it means to be authentic Christians before God.  Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph weren’t perfect.  They had more than their share of failures.  But, they were genuine with themselves, their peers, and God.  They learned from their mistakes and strengthened their relationship with God.

God is searching for authentic children who will dare to have firsthand spiritual experiences in life.  He wants people who make mistakes, but are willing to look at themselves honestly and without excuse and then grow deeper in their relationship with God and others.  Join us again this year as we learn more about our Christian heritage and get acquainted with Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, three men who call us to be authentic!