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Reverend Dr. Kevin E. Schwamb was called to the church in May 1991. He previously served at churches in New York and Connecticut. Pastor Kevin has a B.S. in Christian Education & Bible, M.A. in Theology, and a Doctorate in Theology. In addition to his pastoral duties, he has been the Spiritual Formation Director & Senior High Bible Teacher at Mid Vermont Christian School in Quechee, Vermont since 2003.

Pastor Kevin and his wife, Heather, were married in 1979 and they have four children.  Their oldest son, Jesse, is married to Jenn; their second son, Adam, is married to Patience; their third son, Zackary, is married to Ellie; and their youngest, Ashley, is married to Tony.  Pastor Kevin and Heather live in the town of Enfield with their little West Highland Terrier, Zoey.


The Pastor strives to maintain a personal relationship with the Lord, lead others by example, and fulfill the responsibilities of his position.  He seeks to daily read and apply God’s Word in his life, consistently attends Worship Service, Bible Class, Men’s Group, Prayer Night, and Leadership Team Meetings.  He prays faithfully for the spiritual needs of the church and its members.


  • Prepares and preaches weekly morning worship services
  • Prepares and teaches a weekly adult Sunday school class
  • Prepares and teaches a twice monthly Men’s Bible study class
  • Prepares a brief devotional for and leads Wednesday Night Prayer every other week
  • Administers the ordinances of the church
  • Applies church discipline if necessary
  • Officiates baptisms, infant dedications, funerals, and weddings
  • Oversees the spiritual welfare of church members through contact, encouragement and accountability
  • Counsels individuals and families as needed
  • Disciples individual men through one-on-one Bible study time
  • Visits sick and sorrowing church members
  • Leads the monthly Leadership Team Meetings and provides a monthly report of his duties
  • Meets monthly with the Elder and Deacon of the church
  • Provides a quarterly report of his duties for Church Business Meetings